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Used by Universal Studios for 3 years as a promotional car leading up to the 25th Anniversary of the original Back to the Future Movie.

While doing a shoot for the STARZ/Encore cable channels, they had the car go to a lot of the original filming locations to shoot their pre-written content.  As always, the car got lots of interesting looks.  It’s also quite satisfying that UNIVERSAL STUDIOS had taken to renting this car for their BTTF related shoots and events.  It’s extremely sad that the original car is in such disrepair, but it was exciting for J Ryan to fill in for it, what an Honour

Delorean Hire BTTF Car Delorean Time Machine appears on The Scream Awards 2010
Delorean Hire Delorean Time Machine as Used at Universal Studios Hollywood as the 25th Anniversary Time Machine

In October 2010 the car took part in the Scream Awards 2010 hosted by David Spade which was themed  to Back to the Future.

The car was used to make the opening scene of the live show and appeared on stage with the main stars of the Trilogy.

 Michael J Fox & Christopher Lloyd received the award with The BTTF Car looking on with pride.

J Ryan & The Delorean Time Machine was invited by Universal to appear on

The 25th Anniversary Trilogy Bluray Release of Back to the Future.

J can be seen with the car talking to Dean Cundey the original Director of Photography from the Movie.

Find it on disc 3 in the extra's under The Into the Future Section…

Delorean Hire Delorean Time Machine as Documented on The Trilogy Blu Ray

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